Academic Programs

Support Programs

In support of our school division's efforts to focus on high achievement and continuous improvement, Salem Middle School has a number of programs in place before, during, and after the school day to improve student performance on the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs) and to maintain our status as Fully Accredited. Below is a list of support services offered either before, during, or after school.

Independent Reading Class
For students reading below grade level, a Reading Specialist provides small group intensive assistance with reading comprehension skills. Students are identified for this group based on state and national teacher recommendations and/or formal assessments and exit the program only after attaining a specific benchmark score on a formal assessment offered at the close of each semester. This program is offered during the elective/exploratory period.

Remediation Intervention
Mandatory remediation classes provide assistance to students during the school day, in place of an elective bell, ensuring them the opportunity to achieve basic academic skills and advance to the next grade level.

Students who fail the reading or mathematics Standards of Learning (SOL) tests will be placed in Academic Support I in the first quarter. They will receive instruction designed to strengthen language arts and math skills.

Academic Support I & II
Students with a grade less than"69" at the end of the previous nine weeks in any core subject will be required to participate in Academic Support II for a minimum of one quarter, where they will receive assistance with completing assignments and projects, and develop effective study skills in order to raise their grades. Academic Support II begins in the second quarter.

Student Support Center
The Salem Support Center provides tutoring for students in grades 6, 7, and 8 who failed or who are at risk of failing a core content class of English, math, science, or social studies and/or those students who did not meet with success on the prior year's Standards of Learning (SOL) tests. Tutoring is available by application Monday through Thursday, 7:45 AM to 9:00 AM, with focus on one subject each day. Consult your student's teacher for tutoring opprotunities offered throughout the year.

AM Homework Center
Each school day from 7:45AM to 8:30AM in the cafeteria, students may arrive to school early to study, read, or complete homework.

Testing/Tutoring/SOL Information
Salem offers a wealth of Testing,Tutoring, and SOL Information. We offer before school SOL tutoring as well as many practice places for testing.